Pet Clinic: Veterinary Services

The petVet/petfood clinic is in El Cerrito Fridays and Saturdays and in Oakland Sundays and Mondays. Sign ups are accepted from 10:am until 3:00pm on a first come first serve basis.

Vaccine Prices:

Dog – Canine

Rabies: $15.99
DHLPP: $18.99
DHPP: $17.99
Bordetella: $17.99
Lyme: $37.99
Influenza: $34.99

Cat – Feline

PureVax Rabies 1 year: $25.59
PureVax Rabies 3 year: $57.99
3 in 1 (PCR): $16.99
PureVax Leukemia: $34.99

Health Certificate for interstate travel: $25.00

Exams/Consultation: $25.00 (no exam fee for medications & Vaccines, unless a medical condition is present)
Recheck: $10.00

petVet/petfood Veterinary services policy includes the following:

Preventive medicine including vaccinations and preventive medications such as prescription wormers, heartworm preventives and prescription flea and tick products.

  • Dermatological problems including skin allergies, infections of the skin and ears and in some cases eye infections.
  • Nutritional problems including allergic food issues, digestive issues and weight control problems.
  • Exams to continue or establish prescription refills of an ongoing nature such as L-Thyroxin, Rimadyl and others.
  • Health exams for travel
  • Present and existing patients and their associated problems may be exceptions to the above mentioned policy
  • The attending veterinarian may refer patients considered beyond the scope of the above policy.

El Cerrito PetVet Petfood Location

6000 Potrero Ave.
El Cerrito CA, 94530

Phone: 510-215-5101

Oakland PetVet Petfood Location

4820 Broadway
Oakland, California, 94611

Phone: (510) 652-9822